Top Instagram Profiles About Casinos

Social media is among the most efficient methods for casinos to capture customers. As one of them, Instagram has become the most popular platform to upload videos, pictures, hip hashtags and many more. It is one of the networks that most people use. Through sharing photos on Instagram, one can approach young people and display to them the income. It brings forth fun which is what young people look forward to. Just like Facebook, you can gauge the popularity of Instagram through the number of followers, comments, likes, and shares it has. The more the number of them, the more the rage.

The following are the best Instagram profiles about land-based and online casinos:

Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian)

He is known to be filthy rich (Multimillionaire) and dominate the world of Instagram. He appears to live an extravagant life. Dan’s photo feed is generally filled with luxurious cars, babes with bikinis and photos signifying his lavish lifestyle. This is the lifestyle that every gambler dies for. Because of this, Bilzerian has managed to have 4,859,622 followers on Instagram. This clearly shows the importance of being popular on social media and ,more so Instagram.

Calvin Ayre (@calvinayrenews)

He is the one who established gambling content haven Bodog and gambling billionaire. He owns a gambling site that is encompassed with the Instagram account whereby new developments are updated as they come up. Other times, rich and popular gamblers are featured as well.

Daniel Negreanu (@dnegspoker)

Daniel NegreanuHe is known for poke playing and equal with Dan Bilzerian in terms of fame and popularity. Referring to himself as “The Poker Guy,” his posts are diverse just like his pet named Chihuahua, views of beach villa and vegan recipes. To add to the list is a genuine Instagram account known as PETA endorsements.

BGO Vegas Casino (@bgocasino)

It is claimed to be the leading casino worldwide and its Instagram account is diversified. BGO has ways of interesting the players which include promotions, fantastic bonuses and low wagering requirements. Consequently, it posts motivational and encouraging statements, fancy cars pictures and Villas.

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (@bellagio)

BellagioThis account exhibits a classy and stylish five- star hotel situated inVegas. It is packed with breathtaking views that will leave your mouth agape. The pictures of the tasty and mouth-watering food plus the attractive hotel are all among the pictures posted.

Phil Ivey (@philivey)

Many players have thrived in gambling courtesy of Instagram accounts. Phil is an American and a professional in the world of poke playing. He possesses ten series of poker bracelets and this is indeed amazing. Phil’s instagram profile has nearly everything you may want to find-ranging from perfect meals to memes and tributes.

NetEnt (@netentofficial)

They have an office in Stockholm. They upload the current trending games (including the best online real money slots) and pictures in their channel. NetEnt is one of the leading software company in the world which makes it have an upper hand as compared to the rest. It is super exciting and fun-filled.netentofficial

If you are looking for a social media platform to advertise for gambling, Instagram is what you should consider. Through it, you can share photos and videos that will inspire people to try out gambling. Sign in to Instagram today to enjoy the fun!

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