Loyalty Program at Online Casinos: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The casino loyalty program is an incentive for players who remain loyal to the casino. Regular casino players earn different rewards over time depending on how often they play. As a rule, loyalty programs work by having you collect points over time. A certain activity will generate a certain number of points. Ultimately, these points can be redeemed for different benefits.

Some Canadian online casinos offer a ladder with predetermined levels. A reward is given once you reach a new level. There is also the possibility of taking on different challenges you have to complete and then collect more points, so you are able to climb higher. We will cover what a loyalty program can look like, as well as everything else you need to know about them.

What Are the Benefits of Loyalty Programs?

Even when making money isn’t the primary goal of the business, loyalty programs are strongly associated with customer satisfaction and retention. There is an overwhelming number of online casino brands competing for new customers, making it difficult for these companies to retain customers. A loyalty program on a casino’s site caters to both existing customers who frequent the site all the time, and to new players that have yet to decide which online casino to play at. It is possible to find casino loyalty programs in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The player often accumulates points while playing games and then exchanges them for rewards.

Types of Casino Loyalty Programs

Casino Loyalty ProgramsYou may find that some loyalty programs will suit you better than others. Listed below is a breakdown of how loyalty programs differ:

Tier-based vs. Flat-structure

The structure of a loyalty program may be flat, making rewards more standardized. Providing you meet certain conditions, you will earn the same reward as everyone else. You will know exactly what to expect. Other programs have tiers or levels the gambler can progress through. As members progress through the levels, they gain more points. As they reach a certain number of points, they are promoted to the next tier, which provides them with additional benefits. There are conditions attached to receiving the perks, and when a gambler cuts back on their spending, they may fall off the VIP tiers and lose those perks.

Rewards for Different Gambling Activity

Your credit or point amount may vary according to the type of casino activity you are participating in. Casino slot games, for instance, earn fewer VIP credits per dollar spent than casino table games. In addition, your loyalty program may also limit the rewards you can receive from the credits you earn through playing certain games. Operators that design their loyalty programs around this often want to motivate high roller players.

Rewards with Certain Rollover Requirements

Your loyalty-program credit may have specific rules that outline how it can be used. There may be a minimum amount that you must spend before you can access these credits, similar to how you can often only claim rewards when you spend a certain amount on promotional offers from consumer brands.


Now that you have all the information, you should be able to decide which loyalty program is most suitable. It is likely that most of these loyalty schemes will reward you for nothing more than what you already do; making a deposit and wagering, it makes sense to boost your reward. So, start reaping the rewards now if you’re an active player.

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