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Premier Roulette
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Last updated Aug. 23, 2022
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Premier Roulette by Microgaming features both entertainment and rewards, all in one game and it’s available at all best online casinos Canada. Like there are different players and their betting preference varies, premier Roulette has space for low rollers and high-risk takers. Premier Roulette’s straightforward interface enables players to easily explore the category of choices they have. Players can also personalize their gambling journey as they play.


In terms of graphics and theme, premier Roulette made an impression. The online roulette game opens to the wheel itself. Here, the wheel is neatly designed and animated. It makes the online interface attractive.

Aside from the magnificent-looking wheel, microwaving lets players change the colour of the wheel to that which suits them. Also, players can zoom in and out of the video as the game plays out.Premier Roulette Slot


Microgaming’s Premier Roulette online has 37 various types of betting options similar to the traditional Roulette. It has a payout of 36:1, providing a strong return for Canadian players who don’t mind getting rich. The game has a betting range of a minimum of 0.5 up till 300 coins. This game, like the regular Roulette, has different gameplay options available.

The following includes possible betting options.

  • Inside Bet: This is a single numbered bet.
  • Outside Bet: This bet is placed on a propositional value.
  • Split Bet: This bet is on two numbered propositions.
  • Street Bet: This bet is taken by a single coin over three numbers is undertaken
  • Square Bet: This is a bet where a single chip covers four numbers. It is also known as a Corner Bet.
  • Line Bet: Here, the entire row is wagered on. It is also known as a Double Bet.
  • Column Bet: This bet is placed on columns called 2 to 1 at the bottom of a Roulette table.
  • Dozen Bet – This bet is placed on the areas marked 1st 1 and 2nd 12.

The two available modes of playing at premier Roulette are the regular and expert modes. While the normal mode is less risky and more straightforward than the expert mode, it is not devoid of its rewards. A particular bet on the expert mode is Orphelins Plein. It covers the same numbers that Les Orphelins covers; however, the Orphelins Plein makes a straight bet. Also, the Zero Game allows you to place your bet on the single-zero line alongside a few neighboring numbers.

Take the 007 patterns of the call-bet, which lets you cover a considerable part of the table and gives a chance to get a great reward. Another call bet known as Snake is made when the chips on the table are lined up to create a snake-like pattern. You can also place bets using the Random 7 bet option, likewise the Finales en Plein and the chip bomb bet option. Players can use the Number Combo, Cheva or the Finales A betting option.


Premier Roulette gives players a fun combination of all key and vital roulette features Roulette for a brand new roulette experience. Premier Roulette has unique graphics and endless betting options.

Premier Roulette gives you the chance to win substantial consistent money from the comfort of your home, as you can access this slot machine from any reputable online casino in Canada. The game has two modes – the regular modes and the expert mode. While the standard mode has easy game plays for amateurs, the expert mode is more challenging and recommended for experienced roulette players.

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