New Summer 2021 Casino Game

Picture the streets of London on a regular day, only this time you have one task that you cannot fail at; searching for a thief on the run and bringing him to justice! Evoplay’s latest slot; Bloody Brilliant, will give you a spin into the world and minds of criminal masterminds who spend their days in smoked-filled cafes plotting their next move. Are you up to the challenge?

You Have One Job; Find the Thief and Win

Eveplay out a lot into their new slots online, Bloody Brilliant. Their Spinential engine that delivers up to 10 times faster loading speeds shines here as well as their auto-spin and game history stats. Part of what makes this 5×3 online slot a winner – apart from the plot, of course – is the fact that it is feature-heavy. You get a ton of ways to win through the many free spins that will help you locate the Thief.

The Slot’s Features

On the reels is a Bonus field where you trigger a different bonus each time you land a Thief or Jewel symbol. When you land the Thief on the Golden Frame, all matching symbols turn into Golden Frames that can then be substituted for other symbols to form a winning combo.

Land a Jewel symbol, and you will activate the Jewels Hunt, which then steals all matching symbols to, again, create a winning combo. When a multiplier whose value equals the number or the stolen symbols appears, it multiplies your winnings by that number to give you a win instantly.

If you’re wondering about the Free Spins feature, you get it when you land the Fake Stone. You will have to earn the 10 spins given at this stage by doing a taxing four-step con job. There will be jewels so steal at each stage. Stage one: Diamonds. Two: Clubs. Three: Spades, and Four: Hearts. Succeed in all four stages and get multiply your winnings by 500. Not too shabby, right?

Bloody BrilliantA Thriller

When introducing the new slot, Evoplay CEO, Ivan Kravchuk said the studio is “thrilled to announce the launch of our latest slot title, Bloody Brilliant, the gangster-inspired adventure that invites players to discover the lives of London’s most notorious twins.” He added that Evoplay will continue to push boundaries and explore new trends in gaming.

So, if you haven’t given Bloody Brilliant a spin, try it for yourself. Don’t just believe the hype!

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