How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

You may have noticed the two terms used to differentiate between the main two types of real money online slots; classic and jackpot slots. Classic slots are the usual where you win what is dictated at the machine, which is also based on the bet value. Progressive jackpots are a little different. Money that will eventually be won accumulates each time a game is played on a connected machine. In the end, the jackpot is reasonably high. Most casinos display these amounts prominently to entice players.

When the money is won, the jackpot is preset, and the count starts all over again.

Here are some things you need to know about these jackpots.

Several Types of Slots

There are popularly three types of jackpots; local, standalone, and network progressive jackpot slots. A Standalone slot, as the name suggests, is not connected to other machines, and so all the winnings are attributed to that one machine. This means the games that will contribute to the final tally are those played on that particular machine.

A local jackpot is one that is connected between many slot machines within one canadian online casinos. Each time a bet is placed at any of these machines, it contributes to the final tally. Some local jackpots are not only connected to four or five games but also machines at all casinos owned by an establishment.

A network progressive jackpot is also called a “wide-area” game as it covers the largest of all connections. It is linked across many casinos and so many games that the final prize is the biggest of all of them. It is quite hard to win bit the value, when won, is substantial.

How Big Can they Get?

Progressive Jackpot SlotsThese jackpots can go on and on for a long time and so the bigger they become. The longer a jackpot goes unclaimed, the more it accumulates so as to keep players interested. Land-based casinos carry even bigger jackpots as they have the potential to keep going for so long. IGT’s Megabucks record one of the biggest jackpot payouts for a land-based casino when someone won £39.7 million in Las Vegas.

Megah Moolah’s payout of £22.3 million to an anonymous player who bet 75 cents in 2018 is the best in the online world. Because this is purely a game of luck, a player could spin once and be the lucky winner.

What are the Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot?

The chances of winning the whole jackpot amount are quite slim. Microgaming’s Megah Moolah has a 50 million to 1, yet the highest amount ever won is £22.3 million. Lots of others are the same way, so that it would be unwise to place your hopes on this sort of game. That said, you can always win smaller stakes out of the larger payout, and that could make it worth it.

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