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Gambling Globally: The Large Picture

The gambling sector is not always constant- it changes from time to time. However, you will find positive numbers the moment you perceive its aspect. Beginning right from the top, gamblers consider the worth of this gambling industry to be fundamental. In the last 5 years, the world of bookmaking has reported tremendous growth. The value has risen from $30-$50. In the year 2015, China and US were the leading in gambling profits.

Statistics of Online Gambling

According to statistics, about 26% of the population participates in gambling globally. About 1.6 billion of the global population gambles and once in every year, 4.2 billion also gamble. Research done in the UK shows that online casino gamblers amount to 17% of the total population. This leads to the online market’s revenue amounting to £5.3 billion. On the other hand, in the US, 3% of the total population and regular gamblers are reported to have gambled online.

Who’s Tailing?

Over $916 per person Australians gambled in the year 2014. Following them closely were Singaporeans with $891.16. Casino betting was made legal in Singapore just the other day. Americans take the third position with $505.44 per capita. Ireland follows the league with $490.39. The United Kingdom closes the chapter with $377.83. Surprisingly, Malta is among the list of top 10 as it leads in the gambling game and carries the popular sites for online bookmaking.

Gambling Industry Globally: House Forever Conquers

There are both losses and wins in the betting Industry. The following is the categorization of the leading nations in terms of the Revenue received from bookmaking:

  1. global gamblingMacau- $1354
  2. Las Vegas, USA- $156
  3. South Korea- $189
  4. Atlantic city , USA- $112
  5. Malaysia- $72
  6. Australia- $736
  7. Cambodia- $73
  8. Singapore- $446

Macau leads in the list, but China does not appear in the gambling losses list. Regardless of the tourist sector in Macau striving to rise, the tourists make sure that the colony remains in its leading position. In terms of revenue and losses, Australia happens to have the highest rank. It has a population of 22 million people but records more slot machines as compared to most countries.

Top Centers for Gambling

There is equality in gambling and where you reside, categories of games played, or the wagering amount do not matter. Some countries, however, in the last few years have surpassed the others. Countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Macau have become betting stars.

The following are the 2021 leading players and how they are turning out to be global leaders courtesy of their industries:

  1. Macau – China has a neutral relationship with gambling in that they neither love nor hate it. It has lotteries that satisfy 1 billion+ people although majority of the online and live gambling is excluded from the normal legal rights. China does not seem to know how to deal with Macau. Being the Ex-Portuguese colony, it takes pride in being the leading center of bookmaking in the world. It has experienced a lot of pressure from the mainland due to the revenue gotten from bookmaking.
  2. USA – The US remains to be at the top in global bookmaking due to the immense help from Nevada. Several states have prohibited online gambling while many have allowed casinos. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware emerged the premier states to maintain the online gambling in order.
  3. United Kingdom – UK is known to be superior in the world of bookmaking as it has numerous betting outlets. The UK Gambling commission formed in 2005 does a good work in moderating the gambling market making it still take the lead. United Kingdom has 171,134 virtual machines for betting.
  4. Australia – Over the recent years, Australia has reported appealing stats for gambling through help from pokes to support local sports financially, Tourists from Asia paying a visit to live casinos and the prospering economy.
  5. Canada – The Canadian sector is among the top regions globally and this is as a result of innovation and regulation.  In 2014, the gaming areas amounted to 34,955 and the number of millennials’ visitation to casinos being 53%, 17% and 19% depending on the number of times they visited per year or month.

How the Best of the Rest Measure Up

The rest of the world is also trying to measure up in the sector just like Australia, Canada and UK. In 2014, Singaporeans of 18 years and beyond took part in gambling. In 2013, Russia posted $2.7 billion losses. In Spain, 3.9 million people registered in gambling sites in the year 2014.

The Social Gambling/ Casino Rise

The global casino market had an approximation of $3.81 billion in 2016. There has been growth of this market at +23% CAGR since 2013. An estimation of 173 million players globally was made in 2015.

Popular Gambling GamesPopular Gambling Games

  • Poker
  • Lottery
  • Bingo
  • Sports betting
  • Casino games/ slots/ online slots

I-Gaming Great Equation

The gaming sector is flourishing each day.  The growth of online bookmaking today is incomparable to any other industry in the world. Everyone is now all eyes set towards the future of online gambling.

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